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What is Inspired Love? 

Over the last 6 years InspiredMinds! has built the world’s largest, most influential AI ecosystem of over 220,000 members globally. We are now turning this ecosystem into a reciprocal hive of opportunity for every single unique user. This new initiative is called Inspired Love.

Connect. Contribute. Create.

In a world of uncertainty we are creating certainty.

We are uniting the world’s smartest and most Inspired Minds all year round, where together we plan to tackle the macro issues humanity faces by solving the micro. We plan to connect pioneers to problem facers;  to discover the new by tackling the old; to introduce rule makers to rule breakers; to solve disease with genius…

We plan to create a brave new world with Inspired Love 💜 .

Connect. Contribute. Create.

Imagine 365 touch points to engage with all your 2023 prospects and being in the eyes and ears of your customers all of next year without  having to lift a finger!

💜 Host virtual roundtables with us in between events to target smaller groups of your key prospects in key conversations.
💜 Have a team within InspiredMinds! who work to identify key pockets of prospects and create year round engagement for you with them.
💜 Get lead generation & introductions to key community members outside of live shows.
💜 Publish your use cases on our platform regularly.
💜 Share your social media ‘stories’ to inspire our community through incredible applications, developments and visionary stories of AI.
💜 Have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to identify monthly objectives for our customers.

How can I get involved? 

Be part of our Inspired Love family in 2023 and let us give you plenty of extra value as you partner with us across our flagship shows next year.

In addition to your usual package, where you showcase your brand live at our events, we want to help recession-proof your business by giving you access to our 230,000 strong (and growing) AI community worldwide all the time – not just at events!

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