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Cybernauts, assemble!

Create focused combinations of interaction with our Inspired Citizens


Our Inspired Citizens are hungry for knowledge and interaction. As a supporter you will be able to submerge your organisation and interact through hosting a roundtable, gathering a collection of smart experts for an hour debating in cutting edge insights, be one of our ‘in the spotlight’ participants  or join one of our featured half day sessions.

Take advantage of ‘connecting’ with our citizens concierge team. Let us know who you would like to meet and why and we will do the rest. Our concierge team are here to set up tailored introductions, invite organisations to a focus group, share press and information requests, help promote job opportunities to talent and much more.

’Inspired Cybernauts Contributor’ – be a regular distinguished contributor to our rapidly growing colony. Sign up to a subscription of 1, 3 , 6 or 12 month worth of input via our digital omni channel.  Contributions can be video, articles, white papers, thought pieces, infographics, research – the list is endless, become one of our leading lights.

Inspired Country Citizens – our Mothership allows for no borders! Sign up to be one of our country or city Lead Citizen and play your part in uniting all communities together.

Inspired Citizen ‘Greet Ups ‘ – we will offer dedicated and regular focused ‘Greet Up’s where our citizens will be able exchange ideas, ‘business cards’, personal endeavours (such as saving the planet) and have fun.


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Join the Moonshot revolution! TMinus30 (T-30) is tackling humanities greatest challenges using emerging technology and unites the most powerful stakeholders, creators, decision makers and implementors of cutting edge tech from around the world on an interactive series of platforms.


World Summit AI

The WSAI community unites the global AI ecosystem of Enterprise, BigTech, Startups, Investors and Science. The World Summit AI global summit series is the meeting place of the AI community where they come together to tackle the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda.

Intelligent Health

A community of multidisciplinary professionals worldwide, clinicians, technologists, NGO’s and c-suite executives working together to help #SaveLivesWithAI. The Intelligent Health global summit series is the only large-scale global summit series focused purely on AI in healthcare and the meeting place of the AI and healthcare community.