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What is Mothership?

Mothership is your opportunity to connect with the global AI community on one single app.

You will be able to:

  • network with like-minded people from across the globe
  • arrange 1-2-1 meetings all around the year
  • access powerful content on-demand such as: podcasts, articles, presentations, panel discussions, and more
  • participate in CPD training sessions
  • get access to all content from all our events on-demand
  • become an active member of a powerful global multidisciplinary network

A global ecosystem and community uniting tech4good, enterprise, BigTech, startups, investors and academics working within all sectors and verticals under one interactive platform to collaborate, learn and network.

An interactive platform staging live events and on demand content, CPD training sessions, facilitated networking and AI powered matchmaking all year round. Modular and filtered content, ensuring that all Citizens get access to up-to-the-minute dynamic and relevant information.

Our community is at the core of everything we do, to build a better future for humanity by using game changing technology vs the world’s greatest challenges. As a community we are driven to fearlessly solve problems and to meet head on the challenges that face us, integrity fuelled passion – it pumps ferociously through our blood it is our Why. 

You’ll become an active member of a powerful global multidisciplinary network. Learn, collaborate and network with incredible market leaders and innovators who are ahead of the game.
As an Inspired Citizen you will have the power to unlock powerful  content, access live events streamed from all corners of the globe, access CPD training sessions, facilitated networking and AI powered matchmaking all year round.
Together we will break down sector and vertical barriers to success and tap into uncharted tech territory.

Country or City Ambassador 

The ‘Mothership’ platform will stage country led meetups – each stage will include a live stream if they are able to broadcast from a physical location or remotely if not, local delegates physically if their country allows or purely online if it does not. The experience for attendees is that they will be able to join a live and online summit experience and dip into each country led stage for micro level content and networking. We are looking for country and city ambassadors now to lead these stages.

Country/City Ambassador

For startups 

We will host startups on our ‘cyberspace’ and work with them to provide support packages, subsidised marketing packages, lead gen and investor pitches.



Choose to become an Cybernaut & Supporter – create focused combinations of interaction with our Inspired Citizens over 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Find out more about Cybernaut packages.


Partner events 

The Mothership will also host the World AI week and Intelligent Health week partner events. Join our community for a week long series of  events, engaging simultaneously with countries from around the world! Connect in private meeting rooms, participate in Global hacks, connect in our “Cyberspace”, engage in live demos and much more.

Become a Partner Event

Your Inspired Citizen Membership subscription

From 3, 6 and 12 months – your choice!





Mothership facilitates strong connections within the AI ecosystem across the globe, uniting tech4good, enterprise, BigTech, startups, investors and academics. The Mothership uses interactive networking and AI powered matching tools to nourish connections and provides opportunity for virtual meetings.


Accredited Learning

The Mothership understands the commitment of professionals towards enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers and offers further learning support, training and CPD accredited sessions.


Mothership is designed to inspire and feed brains with relevant knowledge. Introducing engaging online discussions, meet-ups, on-demand content and exclusive talks to promote learning, and AI articles, whitepapers and reports for full support.


Join the Moonshot revolution! TMinus30 (T-30) is tackling humanities greatest challenges using emerging technology and unites the most powerful stakeholders, creators, decision makers and implementors of cutting edge tech from around the world on an interactive series of platforms.


World Summit AI

The WSAI community unites the global AI ecosystem of Enterprise, BigTech, Startups, Investors and Science. The World Summit AI global summit series is the meeting place of the AI community where they come together to tackle the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda.

Intelligent Health

A community of multidisciplinary professionals worldwide, clinicians, technologists, NGO’s and c-suite executives working together to help #SaveLivesWithAI. The Intelligent Health global summit series is the only large-scale global summit series focused purely on AI in healthcare and the meeting place of the AI and healthcare community. 



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