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Ensuring that all voices are heard on our platforms

A message from our Founder, Sarah Porter



Since launching in 2016, our aim has been to democratise access to emerging technology and science by providing a platform created by diverse communities, that is accessible to all – regardless of gender, race or income. Our work so far has been supported by our growing ecosystem of diverse organisations, fearless entrepreneurs, brilliant academics, NGOs, AI practitioners and amazing people with a passion to do good with technology. 

We have now launched the InspiredMinds Foundation to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit directly from emerging technology.How? Over the coming weeks and months we will be launching a number of initiatives including a curated list of training courses in AI. You can find a list of free courses here as a starter.

We will be offering all community members the opportunity to support the foundation by adding a ‘training donation’ to their tickets for our summits (online and physical) to support disadvantaged groups of society to gain access to premium courses. 

We will continue to ensure that all voices are heard on our platforms, we work hard to ensure that we are both representative of the markets we serve but, more importantly that we lead the change ‘ we want to see in the world’ by inviting contributors, speakers and participants from a diverse background. We cannot do this alone and are reliant on your support and willingness to take part, at InspiredMinds we believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing it together.

Sarah Porter, Founder

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